Weekly Visits Include:

  • Scrubbing of floor and tiles

  • Net cleaning

  • Skimmer basket cleaning

  • Chemical Check

  • Chemical Upkeep

  • Equipment Check

  • Vacuum (as needed)

  • Filter cleaned monthly

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We offer one month free when you choose an annual payment. The first full month with us is free and a month free is offered for every referred customer that uses your name!

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Welcome to the Kingdom Pools website. We are so excited to have you here! We are dedicated to the maintenance of your pool, customer service you won't receive anywhere else and giving back to the community. Kingdom Pools is a Christian-based business who’s focus is “Furthering His Kingdom”. What sets us apart, aside from our service, is that we are donating a portion earned from each pool to community projects that will Further God’s Kingdom. My name is Daniel and I am the owner of Kingdom Pools. I of course wouldn’t be able to do any of this without help and am fortunate to have Bella who will be handling a lot of the behind the scene duties. She balances that while also being an elementary schoolteacher, so she won't be on-site unless school is closed. We can't wait to meet and welcome you into our KP family!




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